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* Chapter 1: Management Overview
Chapter 1: Management Overview
* People who allocate and oversee the use of resources * Management
* One or more managers individually and collectively setting and achieving goals by exercising related functions and coordinating various resources * Goal
* An outcome to be achieved or a destination to be reached over a period of time through the exercise of management functions and the expenditure of resources * Objective
* A short term goal that is achieved in less than a year * Specific
* Measurable
* Attainable
* Results-oriented
* Time-limited
* Organization
* An entity managed by one or more persons to achieve stated goals * Basic Tasks of Management (Drucker)
* Running a business
* Building an organization
* Coordinating activities while accepting the values and goals of the organization * Values constitute beliefs and basic tenets that are important and meaningful to those individuals and organizations that hold them. * Constant change in business requires that managers and organizations meet needs for: * Pleasing customers

* Improving products and services continuously
* Providing leadership
* Acting ethically
* Valuing diversity in their employees
* Learning to cope with global challenges
* Quality
* The features and characteristics of a product or service that allow it to satisfy requirements of those who use or consume them * Customer
* Any person or group, both inside and outside an organization, who uses or consumes outputs from an organization or its members * Website
* Company’s lifeline to its customers.
* Web 2.0
* Refers to blogs, wikis, and social networking
* Customer Relationship Management
* Long-term management approach to customer relationships which attempts to strengthen ties between the customer and the organization

* Leadership
* The ability to get people to follow voluntarily
* Leaders
* Develop and articulate the organization’s goals
* Initiate and facilitate change by exhibiting sets of values, skills, abilities, and traits that are needed by and are an inspiration to others. * Create and maintain supportive environments in which employees can figure out what needs to be done * Must be present at every level in the organization

* Ethics
* The branch of philosophy concerned with what constitutes right and wrong human conduct, including values and actions, in a given set of circumstances * Personal Ethics
* Experiences create a moral code of values and attitudes—conscience * Managers cannot be leaders without a strong set of moral and ethical values and a commitment to avoid compromising them. Sources of Diversity

* Different age groups
* Genders
* Ethnic and racial backgrounds
* Cultural and national origins
* Mental and physical capabilities
* Challenges for Managers
* Integrating the diversity that exists in their communities and external customers into their work forces * Learning about and understanding their employees’ differences * Finding ways to utilize and celebrate these


Levels of management
Top Management: The chief executive officer (CEO) and/or president and his, her, or their immediate subordinates, usually called vice presidents Middle Management: Includes managers below the rank of vice president but above the supervisory level First line management: Supervisors, team leaders, and team facilitators who oversee the work of nonmanagement people (e.g., operative employees) Function managers: Managers whose expertise lies primarily in one or another of the specialty areas—marketing, operations, finance, and human resources

* Planning
* Organizing
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