My Goal Is to Become an Software Engineer

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Name: ___________________________ Establishing Goals – Writing Assignment Goal – an aim or purpose; desired outcome Objective – specific measures used to achieve a goal

Section: _____
an end a means to an end

As you begin to transition from adolescence to adulthood, it is important that you begin to clearly identify/determine your plan for the future. It has long been known that achieving a specific goal in life necessitates an individual to clearly articulate one’s desires. Clearly identifying one’s goals can allow an individual to determine and coordinate the behaviors or objectives necessary to achieve those goals. Additionally, it may also be helpful to establish how you will measure whether or not your goals and/or objectives have been achieved. For this assignment you will take the time to write down your goals, objectives, and the means by which you will determine your success in attaining those goals. All of these aspects should be listed per the categories identified below and should consist of an elaboration for each, not just a quick listing. Understand that it is acceptable to have more than one goal for the categories (middle school, high school, post-high school) that you will be writing about. However, if you do have more than one goal for one of the categories, you should provide separate objectives and the means with which you will measure your success. The final product for this assignment should be typed and single-spaced. The format for this assignment is as follows: Middle School • Goal • Objective(s) • How it will be measured High School • Goal • Objective(s) • How it will be measured Post-High School • Goal • Objective(s) • How it will be measured

An example for middle school has been provided for you on the reverse side of this paper. This is solely an example and you should reflect on what your goals are and not necessarily just take these. This assignment really requires you to identify what you desire in the future.

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