Management Information System

Topics: Management, Decision theory, Organization Pages: 16 (3948 words) Published: January 8, 2013
1.Principles and elements of MIS
2.The relationship between organizational structure and MIS
3.Information requirements for MIS
4.Different types of MIS
5.The process of developing a MIS
6.Criteria for MIS
7.Strategies for determining MIS design

"An integrated user-machine system for providing information to support operations, management and decision making functions in an organization. The system utilizes computerized and manual procedures; models for analysis, planning, control and decision making; and a database."  MIS principal concerns 

Facilitate decision making by supplying the information needed in an up-to-date and accurate form  · to the people who need it
· on time
· in a usable form

Management functions      
Decision making      
Information system      
Management information    


1. Selecting objectives      
2. Identifying activities required to achieve the stipulated objectives       3. Describing the resources or skills, or both, necessary to perform the activities       4. Defining the duration of each activity to be undertaken       5. Determining the sequence of the activities    

------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP  4 = INFORMATION   REQUIREMENTS   DURING  PLANNING 

1. Supplying the information needed by the planner at each step  2. Establishing procedures for procuring the information at each step (including the means to view alternatives)  3. Arranging for storage of the approved plans as information for the control process  4. Devising an efficient method for communicating the plans to other members in the organization ----------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP  5 =  CONTROLLING 

Controlling involves 
1. Establishing standards of performance in order to reach the objective 2. Measuring actual performance against the set standards
3. Correcting deviations to ensure that actions remain on course ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ STEP   6  = REQUIREMENTS  FOR  CONTROLLING 
1. Defining expectations in terms of information attributes
2. Developing the logic for reporting deviations to all levels of management prior to the actual occurrence of the deviation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ STEP   7  = DECISION  MAKING   

Levels of decision making 
· Strategic
· Tactical
· Technical
Elements of decision making 
· Model
· Constraints
· Optimization
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP  8 = SYSTEMS 
"A set of elements forming an activity or a procedure/scheme seeking a common goal or goals by operating on data and/or energy and/or matter in a time reference to yield information and/or energy and/or matter."  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP   9=  PERCEIVING  THE  SYSTEM 

1. Some components, functions and processes performed by these various components  2. Relationships among the components that uniquely bind them together into a conceptual assembly which is called a system  3. An organizing principle which is an overall concept that gives it a purpose  4. The fundamental approach of the system is the interrelationship of the sub-systems of the organization ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP  10 = BASIC  PARTS  OF  THE  ORGANIZATION 

1.   The individual      
2.   The formal and informal organization      
3.   Patterns of behaviour arising out of role demands of the organization       4.   The role perception of the individual      
5.   The physical environment in which individuals work    ...
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