Management Information System

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The organization we have selected is world famous retail giant TESCO. TESCO is a British based company working in general merchandising and retail business. Its profit exceeds three billion pound a year and it is the third largest retailer in the world.

Tesco expend their business in the world. It’s has stores in 14 counties across Asia, Europe and North America. Tesco’s stores are divided into four main formats. These are Tesco Extra, Tesco Supermarkets, Tesco Metro and Tesco Express. TESCO is also one of the most successful on-line grocery shopping services in the world.

It specializes in many items including food, drinks, clothing, electronics, financial services, home appliances, health care, insurance, dental care, music and telecommunication services etc.

* To become the industry leader in eliminating Non-Productive Time (NPT)

* To improve service and provide better value rather concentrate on pricing alone. * Significantly expanding market
* Establishing a world class drilling engineering and rig maintenance culture * Providing the most innovative products and services in the market * to improve more opportunities for the customers offering them loyalty cards


The product system for Tesco
Tesco is the big company, so used many of the systems to manage their management system. The main system of Tesco is management information system. A system to convert internal and external sources into information and to communicate that information, in an appropriate form , to managers at all levels in all functions to enable them to make timely and effective decisions for planning, directing and controlling the activities for which they are responsible The Tesco choose the MIS system because for managing, evaluating and efficiently running their departments this enables them to provide past, present and prediction information, an MIS can also include software that...
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