Management Information System

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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James Saitoti Masikonte 제임스 20121786
Business Management. Management Information Systems
Assignment 1: Lecture 1
(1) Briefly summarize the article in one page using your own expression Most companies in the US and many other parts of the world us a large amount of their expenses on IT or other IT related ways and this has been increasing significantly over the years. At the early year of computer introduction most people especially executives do not use computers as it was a believed that it should be used by the office keepers like secretaries. But today everybody including the highest executives depends on computer and IT related tools not only for office work but in each and every aspect of life. Today computers are available everywhere and almost affordable to everybody. So this reduced the strategic need since every company and individual want to sustain their competitiveness by doing what rivals can’t do and having what they don’t have. Unlike the core functions of IT which are data storage, data processing, and data transportation which has been available and affordable to everyone. They have become a basic need to every business just like cloth and food to every man that provide no distinction to none. Computer has changed the face of the earth in many positive ways that no one can deny and also transformed commerce but after they became available and cheap they lost their competitiveness especially in business world. Strategically they’ve become invisible and just normal to own one. There two types of IT namely Proprietary and Infrastructural technology. For IT to remain and important factor in business and commerce it must be proprietary technology or there should be more innovative ways to make it competitive. Like the introduction of electricity by totally a different source (water to electric generators). Now the impact...
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