Management Information System

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Case Study II
Management Information Systems

Founded in 1987 by Dr. Irwin Redlener, The New York Children’s Health Project was Dr. Redlener dream in which he took this initiative to provide the healthcare services to the disadvantaged children. Dr. Redlener learned about the special service called Volunteers In Services To America (VISTA), during his tenure at the Denver Children’s Hospital, where came up with his vision to start the New York Children’s Health Project. The Children’s Health Fund (CHF), started by Dr. Redlener was a fund intended to provide medical services to children and was focused on pediatric care for children’s health. The Children’s Health Fund is a determined initiative brought with a undertaking to help the homeless and underprivileged children. The CHF has created and developed a strong financial support for all facets of its programs. They have succeeded in the goal of obtaining four sources to establish private individuals corporate funds and aid by Congress and government health insurance programs. Rural as well as urban areas of the country benefit from the CHF camps and many established programs. There are numerous medical clinics assisting the CHF, which is devoted to delivering services in mental health, dental care medical, and other areas. Many of the clinics are providing since the start of the foundation, while some others have been struggling behind in today’s technology, which has had an adverse effect on the delivery service. (Children’s Health Fund, 2012). The CHF employs a large mobile health care service bus to provide services to those children in need; this is the basic concept by CHF that is working to bring a lot more children in need in reach of the healthcare services provided by the CHF. The mobile van service was designed and implemented to work in a way to simulate the patients receiving in-home medical care. The CHF has had to cope with some serious issues and challenges throughout the inception of the...
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