Management Development

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Human Resources management
Sahony Encarnacion Duarte
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University of Aruba Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management Management Development
Thais Nierop
April, 25, 2013

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For the course of Human Resources Management we were given a project to choose a topic in the book Human Resource Management in the hospitality industry. I choose management development to elaborate more on. In the project I will define management development, how management development help motivate employees and the purpose of management development for different organization within the hospitality industry. Another topic that falls under management development is personal development. In the project I will explain more why management development and personal development are so important. We are living in a competitive world were organizations, companies and individuals compete to be the best in their market and development can be one tool to give an organization or company the competitive advantage over the competition.

Many researchers have examined the importance of management development in organizational settings (Boella, M., & Goss-Turner, S. 2005, COSTEN, W. M., JOHANSON, M. M., & POISSON, D. K. 2010, Cowherd, D. M. 1986, Enache, F. 2012, Luthans, F., Lyman, D., & Lockwood, D. L. 1978, Rama, S. R. 2012, June 5, Tansky, J., & Cohen, D. 2001, Watson, S. 2008, Wolfred, T. 2008). Literature has suggested some level of agreement on the importance of management development. People are your best asset. An organization’s success or failure will depend in large part on the employees that the organization has. Recruiting the best talent is important to an organization’s success, especially managerial personal because they are the one that will guide the organization to achieve the goals and objectives. However, Knowing how to hire is a big challenge, but when you have managers helping them, the employees will be the best they can they will be an asset to you organization. Providing managers with the necessary tools and helping them to work on their weaknesses and build upon their strength can help your organization to develop great leader in your organization. There are different methods and techniques an organization can use to develop their managers in the present time and in the future, because management development is growing in demand as organization realize that by developing their managers they are developing their organization. Development for an organization is very important because it provide the employees with the necessary skill to help improve you organization.

Management development definition
“ Management development is defined as the training, education, and learning practices that are intended to assist managers realize their potential, either for personal or organizational benefits (Watson 2008,p . 759)”. (Boella, M., & Goss-Turner, S. 2005) definition for management development are those activities designed to provide organizations with a competent management team which is able to meet its short-, medium- and long-term objectives. In particular, management development has been defined as the intersection of three variables: •Individual career

Organizational succession
Organization performance
Management development is like a tool for managers to reach the organization objectives, they will be either personal or professional and this tool can also motivate managers to continue with a company because they feel that the company care to provide them with the necessary tools to help them grow and help them to develop. From an organizational perspective, how a business manages its talent will account for the success or failure of that business. Training and development are tool an organization can use to reach its purpose. Most management development does not involve outside classes, because on the job training give the employees...
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