Leadership and Diversity Management

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  • Published: September 12, 2013
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Presenter Kevin Palisi

Different human qualities or belong to different cultural groups In reality are workplaces more diverse today? The need for organisational diversity

Executive orientation
Manager – decision making at the top

Distinctions between groups Motivation is not a responsibility Impossible to remove barriers that prevent contribution

Leader – decision making dispersed -

Each person must be a leader Leadership flows up and down Free of barriers for leaders

Distinctions Power bases Activities Shape, involve, innovate Informal, personal, social Define, direct & communicate

Chase, suggest & conform Formal, channels & results Develop, plan & organise

Leader commitment is a prerequisite for success  Committed leader ‘walks the talk’  Diversity is a strategic partner for meeting leaders goals Leader demonstrates evidence to:  support  challenge  champion 

From organisational change viewpoint  direction  importance  motivation Modelling behaviour by a leader involves  inclusiveness  accountability  awareness

Sociocultural environment

Social value systems  Cultural characteristics

Leadership implications

Global mindset  Relationships  Creativity

 

Unequal expectations Living bi-culturally The opportunity gap

Australian CEO's views on productive diversity and its potential outcomes 11% 15% 33%

Creation of Corporate Culture
Workforce Productivity


Problem Solving Within Team
Innovation Within Teams 32% 20% Change Management

 

dignity and respect integrating ideas and collaboration integrity and ethics

 

Personal qualities Changing corporate culture Diversity awareness training

 

Define & develop a diversity case Sell to senior management Engage senior managers

Mission Membership

Set & build 8 to 15

Define & provide 20 to 30

Support &...
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