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MUHAMMAD AKBAR SHAHBAZ Reg. No 1034-112001 MBA Project Management 3rd Quarter Summer 2012



EMBA/MBA Program

Quarter: Summer 2012 Deadline for Submission of Assignment: August 11, 2012 Attempt all questions given below. Your answers should not be copied, word-for-word, from the textbook. You may use the terms, concepts, examples from the textbook, but these must be written as your own, independent expression Q1: Discuss two views of “Leadership Impact” on performance of organization. Elaborate your answer with example. Q2: General personality traits and task related traits are equally important for effective leadership. Discuss with examples. Q3: Vision component of charismatic leaders is very important. Discuss features of such vision and how can this be managed? Q4: Write notes on: (a) Alignment of people (b) Mobilization (c) Satisfaction of human needs Q5: Discuss with examples leadership Grid Styles. Q6: Elaborate features of Path-Goal contingency theory of leadership. Q7: Discuss all methods of empowerment of group members by giving examples. Q8: Discuss any four essentially ethical influence tactics and any two unethical influence tactics of leaders. Q9: Team work has no many advantages. Discuss such advantages with examples. Q10: Discuss how behaviors of group members can be modified. Give examples. Q11: Elaborate characteristics of creative leaders and how one can enhance creativity? Q12: Discuss advantages of managing cultural diversity in a multicultural organization.

Muhammad Akbar Shahbaz Reg. No 1034-112001

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Question No. 1 The Impact of Leadership on Organizational Performance An assumption underlying the study of leadership is that leaders affect organizational performance. Leaders, through their actions and personal influence, bring about change. People who control organizations – the very top executives – make the same assumption. A frequent antidote to major organizational problems is to replace the leader, in the hope that the newly appointed leader will reverse past performance problems. An example of this assumption in action is the frequent replacement of athletic coaches after one or two losing seasons. The owners or school officials, assume that the leadership acumen of the new coach will vastly improve the ratio of wins to losses. Does it? Historically it is split. The change has worked in about 50 % of the cases. So do good organizations need leaders or is it a knee jerk reaction? Pro: Leadership Makes A Difference The belief that leaders actually influence organizational performance and morale is so plausible that very little research and opinion even deals with this issue. Psychoanalyst Michael Maccoby conducted in-depth interviews with business executives over twenty years ago. He concluded that organizations required a higher level of leadership than ever before to survive and prosper. Among the challenges Maccoby saw confronting organizations were increasing completion, technological advances, changing governmental regulations, and changing worker attitudes. These observations are relevant because they persist today. In some industries the role of leadership has had a great influence. The decision to change leadership in cases has a hit or miss but in the high upside cases the performance of the company increased by 45%. But in some cases it decrease by 45%. Both ways the large delta is dramatic and it certainly can be said that leadership affected the performances. In addition to leadership making a tangible difference, the perception of these differences is also important. In some industries it is not only who the new leader is, notariety, but what is their background, as well. In computer technology and aerospace it is prudent that the new leader have a strong legacy of competency in the...
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