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Topics: Research, Scientific method, Qualitative research Pages: 44 (8343 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Bachelor of Business Administration in

International Office Management


The Individual research project


Bachelor of Business Administration in

Office Management

The Individual research project


Academic year: 2009/2010

Research Project Co-ordinator:

Afke Moufakkir-van der Woud BA., MA., PhD.

Guide developed in cooperation with Dr. O. Moufakkir
from the Department of Tourism Management, Institute of Leisure and Labour at the CHN

Stenden University-Institute of Office Management
Postbus 1298
8900 Leeuwarden

Most all higher education courses in the Netherlands and abroad require a research project (sometimes also called a thesis or dissertation) in full or partial fulfillment of its qualification. The Office Management Programme requires you to present an individual research project as a partial fulfillment of its qualification. The process towards developing this individual research project began in your first year of study and continued in subsequent years. Essential skills have been learned in the reading and writing assignment, and the module assignments, and were brought together in the third year of study when you had to undertake a research project as a project team. I would like you to consider the unique qualities of the final individual research project as being a distinctive marketing tool for your subsequent applications for employment. This assignment is one of the few elements of the course where you can display the full extent of your abilities. It is not unlikely for employers to ask about graduates’ research work and they may wish to inspect a copy of your individual research project. A good individual research project will show your ability to work independently and professionally, and the process in achieving success inherently shows commitment and determination – highly valued traits! You should seek to do your very best to make the individual research project a fitting conclusion to your academic studies. It will be one element of the course that will be remembered and it is worth making the effort to ensure that those memories are of challenge, personal achievement, and of ‘a good job well done’. To get the job done, this guide was written to help you successfully write your individual research project. I suggest you read it as a manual and use its guide lines for presenting your assignment. I would like to thank my professors at Michigan State University who introduced me to scientific writing and Dr. O. Moufakkir for his insight and contributions to this guide.

Good luck and remember to enjoy your journey.

Afke Moufakkir –van der Woud, Ph.D.
December 2009

Table of contents

Table of contents2
1.1The individual research project4
1.3 Individual research project planning5
2.The Research Proposal7
2.2 Choosing a topic7
2.3The Purpose of Research9
2.4Structure and Content9
3. The Individual research project12
3. The Individual research project12
3.1 Organizing the Individual research project12
3.2The sequential steps of systematic inquiry (The Scientific Method)12 3. 3 Individual research project guidelines16
4 References Individual research project22
Appendix A. Assessment sheet Research Proposal27
Appendix B. Assessment sheet – Report Individual Research Project28 Appendix C. Embargo form project30
Appendix D. Project Agreement Form31
Appendix E. Evaluation form32


Congratulations! You have made it to the final stage of the educational program of Office Management, where teaching moves into your internship and the writing your...
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