Short Story and Research Paper

Topics: John Updike, Short story, Research Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: December 8, 2012
* Your final research project is explained below. You must choose works included in Literature to Go. The requirements for the research paper are as follows:
  * 1. Topic: Compare and contrast a story we have read as a class with one included in Chapter 10, “Stories for Further Reading.”
  * 2. Analyze and compare and contrast at least three important elements of the story and explain their significance to the theme of the story. The statement of this idea is your thesis. For example, you might choose character, setting, symbol, etc. Be sure that the elements you choose are important to the meaning of the works. Quote from the stories to support your opinions. Use critical sources to further develop your thesis.
  * HINT: Very often your text makes suggestions for good comparisons in “Considerations for Critical Thinking and Writing.” For example, on page 84 question 8 suggestions comparing “ Saving Sourdi” with John Updike’s “A & P.” If you search, you will find such good suggestions throughout the OCR. The number of people doing a topic will be limited, so let me know ASAP what topic you would like to do.
  Regardless of the topic you choose, your paper must meet the following requirements:
  * 1. Length- 1500-2000 words. More important than the actual number of words is how adequately you develop your thesis. A paper may meet or exceed the word count requirement and still not adequately develop the topic.
  * 2. Research- in addition to the works which are the topic of your paper and your two primary sources, you must have at least four secondary sources, works written about the topic. You should have two sources on each work for a total of at least 6 citations on your Works Cited page.
  Each of your critical sources must have an author and be appropriate for college-level work. STUDY NOTES, SUCH AS CLIFF NOTES, ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. The best place to find good critical sources is...
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