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Topics: Research, Scientific method, First language Pages: 4 (987 words) Published: February 15, 2012
Research question:
‘What role does bilingualism play in educational development? Hypothesis:
In my opinion bilingualism plays a major role in the educational development of children. This is because research has shown that children who are fluent in their home language are more successful in learning a second language. Furthermore, being bilingual offers greater sensitivity to language, more flexibility in thinking and better ear for listening. It also improves a child’s understanding for the native language. Moreover, knowledge of other languages increases a career of opportunities offering several job options. I will briefly give definitions of key words in my research question- * Role: proper or customary function

* Bilingualism: the ability to speak two languages fluently * Educational development: is a term that tends to be reserved for the activity undertaken by those staff that specializes in enhancing learning and teaching I have chosen to do my Independent Research Project on ‘Bilingualism’ because I have a keen interest in this area and also because, the majority of the students that attend my school are bilingual with Arabic as their first language and English as their second language. Furthermore, I would also like to find out if being bilingual and also having to learn Arabic from k-10 compulsory, affects our English ability and our writing skills. I am always willing to learn and rather broaden my knowledge and understanding in this focus area. I chose this topic because it is relevant to the Community and Family Studies course and because I am extremely interested in this focus area. This chosen research question is relevant to the Community and Family Studies course. These of which include: * Individuals and groups: The role of bilingualism on an individual and also the role of bilingualism in groups such as; school environment. * Families and communities: How parents/guardians raise their children with...
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