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Evolution and Trends in HRM
Challenge in managing people
* Managers cannot answer question "how to manage people effectively" for example employers motivation, best reward system, hiring well qualified staff * Second half of twentieth century due to work volatility and pace accelerated more differentiated and specialized roles. * Shift from line manager to personnel specialist

* Hutchinson and Purcell (2003) exposed the tension and contradictions between line manager and personnel specialist

* CIPD (2005) "front line managers played a pivotal role in terms of implementing and enacting HR policies and practices...." * Tyson and Fell (1986) "All manager of people are personnel managers in literal sense, that is they have a personnel function to perform." * So human resource management is part of full role of line managers * Christensen argued future of HR lies in difference between human resource management and human resource department. * HRM makes HR plans which belongs to business so line managers are people managers of their organization and as such they are ultimately accountable for HRM. * The specialist people management will make major contribution in which people are recruited , selected, trained and rewarded. * Reilly and Williams (2006) few HR professionals needed in future (outsourcing as well) * Tyson and Fell (1986) "how to manage people effectively is still a question"

Personnel management - origins and influence

* Trend starts from greater degree of specialization and complex and demanding environment * Starts from 19th century from social reforms and Quaker employers led to welfare officer ( Torrington et al, 2005) * His role was to provide basic facilities, build positive relationships and healthy workforce * Twentieth century personnel departments emerged in large organizations till 1960s and 1970s * CIPD can be traced in 1917 for employee welfare (CAWW and IWWI)...
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