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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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( Autonomous)

(ISO/IEC - 27001 - 2005 Certified)


Subject Code : 12219
Q.1 ( A)

Model Answer

Scientific Management is defined as “Art of knowing exactly what is to be done and 04 the best way of doing it.”
Scientific Management is the result of applying scientific knowledge and scientific methods to the various aspects of management and the problems that arise from them. It tries to make the best use of production resources i.e. manpower, machines, materials, money etc.. It discovers the economical and efficient methods of production so as to reduce effort and eliminate wastage of time and motions.

It investigates work on scientific basis, selecting the best worker for a task and training him further to acquire desired skill, developing co-operative spirit between management and workers. Thus with use of Scientific Management, greater efficiency is achieved in industrial operations and productivity increased.



The partnership deed contents are following - ( Any Eight)
1) Name of the firm
2) Nature of business
3) Date of starting partnership
4) Duration of partnership
5) Money contributed by each partner
6) Share of profit and loss
7) The basis of the inclusion of any new partners
8) Accounts of the firm and authority for signing cheques, bills of exchange etc. 9) Salary if any allowed to managing partners.
10) The manner in which it can be dissolved.
Various causes of accidents are ( Any Eight)
Mechanical Factors
1) Unguarded or improper guarded machines or equipments.
2) Unsafe design and construction of building structures.
3) Improper material handling system.
4) Improper plant layout.
5) Untested boilers or pressure vessels.
6) Violation of prescribed safety practices.
7) Power lines may be poorly insulated.
Environmental Factors
1) Too low temperature to cause shivering.
2) Too high temperature to cause headache and sweating
3) Too high humidity to cause uncomfort and fatigue.
4) Defective and Inadequate Illumination.
5) Poor housekeeping, bad plant layout or arrangement of machines. 6) High speed of work because of huge work load.
7) Inadequate rest pauses or breaks between the working hours.



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( Autonomous)

(ISO/IEC - 27001 - 2005 Certified)


Subject Code : 12219

Model Answer

8) Noise, bad odour and flash coming from the nearby machinery.


PERT ( Programme Evaluation and Review Technique ) and CPM ( Critical Path Method) are the scheduling techniques which are used to plan, schedule and control a project consisting of number of inter-related activities. These techniques provide a frame which defines the jobs to be done integrates them in a logical sequence and provides a system of control over the progress of the plan. 02

PERT uses three time estimates to make allowances for uncertainties and suitable for defence projects, R and D activity.
CPM uses single time estimate and Suitable for problems in industrial plant 02
maintenance, civil construction project.


Importance of Globalization of Indian Industries


Globalization is a concept by which the globe becomes one unified entity cutting across the political, economic and regional barriers.
Initially the investment of foreign companies was restricted, due to that Indian 06 industry was unable to open up ways in international market. This resulted in reduction in exports and increase in imports and consequently reduction in foreign exchange. The industrial Policy Resolution 1990 and that of 1991 were the prime documents of economic liberalization and bold steps taken for globalization of Indian...
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