How to Improve Your Pronunciation

Topics: English language, Language acquisition, Phonology Pages: 35 (11066 words) Published: May 9, 2012
1. Rationale
In the context of Vietnam’s economic reform and global participation, English plays an extremely important role in helping its human resources to communicate with the rest of the world. Therefore, there has been a great demand for teaching and learning English all over the country for various purposes. However, how to speak English in general and English pronunciation skill in particular effectively is an important matter. Standard pronunciation should be kept in mind to be the most popular and affective way of speaking. It is true that good ability of pronunciation will give us many opportunities to improve our English and thus help us be able to look for good jobs in the future. In fact, many students in English Department of VCU are good at English writing and reading skill but often get trouble with speaking skill, especially in pronouncing. A big real problem here is that the pronouncing abilities of our students are not equal; a small part of them has quite good pronunciation whereas the rest has a poor pronunciation. This not only has negative effects on their study results, but their also on their communication and confidence. For these reasons, in the study, we would like to investigate the recent reality of pronouncing English in students of English Department of VCU, with a hope to partly improve our English pronunciation and reduce our pronunciation mistakes to the minimum. 2. Aims of the study

This study is aimed at:
- Investigating the recent reality of pronouncing English in English Department of VCU. - Identifying mistakes in English pronunciation faced by students at English Department of VCU. - Proposing some solutions with the hope of helping English students improve their pronunciation skill. 3. Method of the study

In order to achieve the aims of the study, questionnaires, recordings and interviews were used to collect data and information from the teachers and students at English department of VCU.

4. Scope of the study
With the above aims, this study is limited to the mistakes made by the students of English department in term of English pronunciation and some suggested recommendations. The study only focuses on students in English department of VCU. 5. Design of the study

The study consists of three parts:
Part one: Introduction presents the rationale, the aim, the method, the scope and the design of the study. Part two: Development consists of following chapters:
Chapter 1: Literature review aims at the basic theoretical background which consists of: Definition of pronunciation, basic principles of pronunciation, the position of the standard pronunciation, and factors affecting students’ participation in pronouncing activities. Chapter 2: Methodology focuses on the recent situation of English pronouncing at English department at VCU and the research methodology. The methodology includes the participants and instruments of the study. Chapter 3: Data analysis and discussion of the results of the questionnaires for students, the interview with teachers, and the recording of students will be conveyed in this chapter. Chapter 4: This chapter proposes: The findings concluded from the results of previous chapter. Chapter 5: In this chapter, we suggest some Solutions for the students of English department in VCU with a hope to help students develop their goal skill. Part three: Conclusion summarizing all the issues in the research contains Limitation of the study, Recommendation for further study and Conclusion.

1.1. Definition of pronunciation:
"Pronunciation" refers to the way a word or a language is usually spoken, or the manner in which someone utters a word. If someone said to have "correct pronunciation," then...
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