•Have the Number of Victims of Racial Profiling Increased over the Last Decade

Topics: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Crime Pages: 5 (1724 words) Published: September 15, 2012
Date rape
Danette Burnette
American Intercontinental University

My paper is about date rape. All over the world about every 2 minutes, a woman or child gets rape or abused. It does not matter when they are or day or night. If more woman came forward and talk it would help the world to get it much cleaner. To society, it is not a real case. Date rape is a very difficult thing to understand. Date rape is a common thing now days. It could be bring on by drinking too much or by someone giving you something in your drink. This happens a lot at parties.

Date rape
According to Department of Justice, in America women are raped in every two minutes. Women who are raped are one out of four. About 84% of women identify their assailant and 57% of women have been date raped. The statistics show that 55% of women were raped while they were drunk or have taken drug. The NCVS known as The National Crime Victimization Survey claims that in the years of 1992 ad 1996 out of the total rape crime reported about 92% of them were committed by known attackers and 50% of sexual assault against women were committed by friends and acquaintances and 26% were sexual partners. (Date Rape, 2011)

In 2006 survey, methodology of NCVS (National Crime Victimization survey) changed that affected rural area calculation and which in turn caused change between national level forecasts and NCVS forecasts. As far as urban and sub-urban areas were concerned, residents of ages above 12 were subject to violent crimes mainly included sexual assault, aggravated assault and robbery which is estimated to be 3.7 million.

While in 2008, NCVS estimated violent crime rate to be 4.9 million, which US residents experienced.

UCR: Uniform Crime Reports also known as UCR was formed in 1929 and since its inception it represented statistics from local and state law enforcing agencies known as Crime Index Offenses. From 2004 UCR (Uniform Crime Reports) do not issue Crime Index rather it displays data of people arrested and crime acknowledge by law enforcing agencies for eight categories of violent and property crimes which include 1. Violent Crimes

a. Murder and non-negligence killing
b. Forcible rape
c. Aggravated assault
d. Robbery
2. Property Crimes
e. Burglary
f. Motor theft
g. Larceny theft
h. Arson

UCR: Uniform Crime Reports has to face number of criticisms some of them are: * It underestimates both the number of crimes and number of offenders arrested for that crime as it only reports crime known to the police. * The large gap also known as Dark Figure of Crime (Unreported and undiscovered crime) is a problem. * UCR does not report crimes like drug carriers and insurance frauds, which are crimes. * UCR only reports crime based on hierarchy rule i.e. the serious crimes are reported for e.g. if a crime has multiple offenses it will only report the most serious one. * UCR does not include all relevant data for crime like details of victim and details of offenses. * UCR reports forcible rape of females and not of men, as it is report as aggravated assault. * UCR includes police behavior much more widely than criminalities.

NCVS: National Crime Victimization Survey was developed in 1960s because of UCR shortcomings like inability of UCR to report Dark figure of crime. Difference between crime rates reported by UCR as compared to crime rate reported by NCVS was greater than twice. It is quite systematic and comprehensive survey and it displays both household and personal crimes in its reporting. It includes robbery, rape, assault, burglary and theft. NCVS functions to report the following * Help criminologists to determine why victims do not report some crime. * It evaluates the difference in reporting value due to factors like type of offense, victim sex, race and situational factors. * Explains why crime is often resulting of social interaction....
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