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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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How to Reference a Book
A reference to a book, thesis or dissertation has the following structure.

Author's surname followed by a comma.
Author's initials in capitals, with full-stop after each and a comma after the final full-stop.
Year of publication followed by full-stop.
Full title of book in italics with capitalization of first word and proper nouns only - followed by full-stop unless there is a sub-title.  If there is a sub-title, this follows a colon at end of full title, with no capitalization except for proper nouns - follow by full-stop.

Edition number followed by the abbreviation "ed." - followed by full-stop. Only include this if not first edition. 
Place of publication: Town or city, follow by colon.
Publisher - company name followed by full-stop.

This is an example of a full reference to a book.

... Semantic networks (Russell & Norvig 2009) are often ...

Reference List

Russell, D.E. & Norvig, P., 2009. Artificial Intelligence: a modern approach, 3rd ed., Prentice-Hall

How to Reference a Website
A reference to a website has the following structure.

Authorship or Source - followed by comma
Year - followed by full-stop.
Title of web document or web page - in italics - followed by "[Online]"
Date of most recent update - within round brackets.
Available at - followed by the URL (underlined)
Date of most recent access - in square brackets - followed by full-stop

This is an example of a full reference to a website.

... Creaney (2008) discusses a range of  ...

Reference List

Creaney, N., 2008.  Legal Issues for IT Professionals [Online] (Updated 26 September 2008) Available at: http://knol.google.com/k/n-/-/1hzaxtdr9c09g/7 [Accessed 30 January 2009].
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