Guidance Program for Elementary

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  • Published: March 6, 2013
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The ASSURE Model

To become skilled in todays classrooms it is crucial to know when to use a wide range of instructional strategies and passive and interactive media. Heinich, R., Molenda, M., Russell, D. J., & Smaldino, E. S., (2002) stated to use media and technologies effectively a systematic plan for thier use is necessary. They suggest utilizing the ASSURE model as a guide, which identifies six major steps in an instructional planning process.

The Assure Model is:

Ø A procedural guide for planning and delivering instruction that integrates technology and media into the teaching process.

Ø A systematic approach to writing lesson plans.

Ø A plan used to help teachers organize instructional procedures.

Ø A plan used to help teachers do an authentic assessment of student learning.

Ø A model that can be used by all presenters.

Analyze learners:

General Characteristics

This is a description of the class as a whole. This includes such information as the number of students, grade or age level, gender, socioeconomic factors, exceptionalities, and cultural/ethnic/or other types of diversity.

Entry Competencies

This is a description of the types of knowledge expected of the learners. Ask questions such as: Do the learners have the knowledge base required to enter the lesson? Do the learners have the entry competencies and technical vocabulary for this lesson? Have the learners already mastered the skills you are planning to teach? Do the learners have biases or misconceptions about the subject?

Learning Styles:

This is a description of the learning stylistic preferences of the individual members of the class. First of all the instructor will want to find the learners perceptual preferences and strengths. The main choices are auditory, visual, and tactile/kinesthetic. Slower learners tend to prefer kinesthetic experiences. The instructor will then determine the information processing habits of the...
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