Grow Model

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GROW Model Questioning

Establish your goal
First, with your coachee, you must define and agree the goal or outcome to be achieved. You should help your coachee define a goal that is SMART.

Useful questions as this stage include:
* How will you know that you have achieved the goal?
* How will you know the problem is solved?
* What do you want to achieve (overall)?
* What can we do in this session to help you towards that goal? * What will you have at the end of this session that you don’t have now? * What do you want to achieve long term?
* What does success look like?
* How much personal control or influence do you have over your foal? * When do you want to achieve it by?
* Is that positive, challenging and attainable?
* What will you see/hear/feel when you have achieved?

Examine Current Reality
Next, ask your coachee to describe their current reality. This is a very important step. Too often, coachees try to solve a problem without fully considering their starting point, and often they are missing some of the information they need to solve the problems effectively. As the discussion progresses, the solution may start to emerge.

Useful coaching questions at this stage include:
* What is happening now?
* What, who, when, how often?
* What is the effect of result of that?
* What is happening now? (what, when, where how much, how often) * What is involved (directly and indirectly)
* How is this affecting you?
* What are you observing about this?
* What are you assuming about this?
* How do you feel about this?
* What things are going badly on this issue, what happens to you? * What happens to others directly involved?
* What is the effect on others?
* What have you done about this so far?
* What results did that produce?
* What is holding your back from finding a way forward?
* What is really going on? (intuition)

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Once you and...
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