Goverment 203

Topics: United States Constitution, Supreme Court of the United States, United States Congress Pages: 4 (955 words) Published: December 5, 2012
61. The kind of speech that receives the greatest protection under the first amendment is Pure speech or political speech
62. Changing to a direct election of the president with a 40% run-off requirement would Encourage the growth of minor or splinter parties
63. The powers reserved to the states are known as
The police powers
64. Bureaucracy has grown so complex and gained so much autonomy that our form of government is often called a (n) Administrative state
65. The southern California Association of Governments is an example of a Regional agency
66. The “rule of four” provides that
The Supreme Court will hear a case if any four justices to do so 67. since term limits were imposed for members of the legislature in 1990 the number of women and minorities in California legislature. Has increased

68. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of local elections in California is the Nonpartisan ballot
69. When Jefferson remarked in the first draft of the Declaration of Independence that King George has “waged cruel war against human nature itself,” he is referring to The fact that the King that maintaining markets where MEN were bought and sold 70. According to the Supreme Court’s ruling in NEAR V. MINNESOTA(1931), the standard for judging freedom of press is Prior restraint

71. in single-member winner-take-all elections, the impetus
Is for minor parties to compromise with one of the major parties 72. The largest budget expenditure in California counties is for Welfare and other public assistance
73. According to Bessette and Pitney, AMERICAN GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS, how do civil liberties differ from civil right? Civil liberties are personal freedoms, while civil rights concern freedom from discrimination. 74. Madison defined a republic as

As a form of government in which all power is derived either directly or indirectly from the great body of the people. 75. In a civil case in California, the plaintiff must prove...
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