Japan Pest Analysis

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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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Japan PEST Analysis

“Despite the damage done to Japan’s infrastructure by a powerful earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, the Economist Intelligence Unit expects the quality of the country's overall business environment to continue improving. Enhancements to the macroeconomic environment, market opportunities, and policy towards private enterprise and competition will support the improvement in the overall business environment. However, the business environment will be adversely affected by a number of factors, including distortions arising from the fiscal position and the variable quality of the tax regime.” (EIU)


| |Significant Factors |Implications for Iceland | |POLITI|Is parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarchy (CIA Factbook) | | |CAL |Has seen 21 different electoral mandates and 16 prime ministers since 1989. | | | |According to the Worldwide Governance Indicator Project, in 2011, ranked at 79 percentile points, amongst other countries, in terms of political stability. | | | |Is currently undergoing a period of tax and law reforms: | | | |The fiscal year 2011/12 (April 1st-March 31st) tax reform implemented: | | | |A reduction to the standard national corporation...
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