Pest Analysis for Organix (Uk)

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  • Published : December 9, 2011
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PEST analysis for Organix (UK)
Political factors
Stable political system, good-working legal system, guaranteed compliance with the laws (especially what affecting business), general government stability and risk aversion policy are positive factors for Organix to start up their business in UK. Economical factors

Stable economic system, high level of GDP per capita (for UK and EU countries where products are mostly selling) and middle-high growth rate (historical tendency), very high level of purchasing power, inflation rate near 5% (September 2011), unemployment level of 8% is compensated with high level of supplementary benefits, all these factors mean that for Organix from economical point of view won’t be a problem to sell their products, there will be enough potential clients for their not cheap but quality food. Technological factors

Very good infrastructure, high developed logistic system (perfect delivery system) is a plus for Organix because they won’t have any problems with the delivery of their products. High level of productivity, high developed ICT, big expenses for production (energy and etc.) – as Organix positioning their company as eco-friendly these factors also are positive for the company and make it more competitive among other companies which use a lot of energy for their production. Legislative factors

High level of business protection, commercial, legislative and governmental protection which are obviously a plus for Organix, as their trade mark will be very good protected by the law and government. Socio-cultural factors

High level of education, very low level of consumer confidence (-30%, year 2011), growing population, age structure: less old people, more children, above-average level of growth. Urban structure – more people live in urban areas, less – in countries; these factors are also positive for Organix, as they positioning themselves as a producer of quality and healthy food for children, they will have a lot of potential...
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