Globalization in Iran

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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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1. Historical: Entered globalization in 1906 as they created a constitution that developed democratic principles. 2. 3 Consequences: 1. Growing disparity between urban and rural areas. 2. Cut back in government spending and education along with health care. 3. Limited evolution since the colonial period. 3. 3 Barriers: 1. Lack of new improved technology. 2. Too dependent on their natural resource wealth. 4. Reducing Barriers: The now have a desire for political unity. 5. FDI: Shell gas is involved in negotiations between Iran and Chinese oil companies. Total Oil gas company has complete control of the oil fields in Doroud and Balal. 6. Corporations Contribute: Yes, they do because they are looking for cheap labor and Iran is managing to keep them by maintaining low standards for laborers. 7. Effect on People: Women are seen as only a token of modernity in rural towns. They are not citizens in modern areas and have no equal rights or equal protections. 8. Gap between rich and poor: The gap between rich and poor is clearly shown as many of the few rich people have made money as a result of oil that brings in billions of dollars. The unemployment rate is 15.3%. 9. Cultural Changes: As a result of war from surrounding countries many are scared of practicing their religion and worry of the effects these wars may have on their own towns and cities. 10. Exclusion from globalization: Iran constantly has international sanctions imposed on them as a result of refusing to accept outside business. It is a country that is being forced to globalize. 11. Transnational Organizations: These include the IMF, WB, WTO, WHO and the most important OPEC. 12. Control of Information: There are no internet restrictions but some internet providers have filters on for websites. 13. Increased Mobility: Oil reserves allow Iran to become urbanized. 67% live in urban centers. 14. Nationalism: Resurgence of nationalism conducts research of...
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