Riot Reveals the Real Authority of Iran

Topics: Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Iran, Pahlavi dynasty Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Tehran- A demonstration held at Vali-E-Asr Avenue, Tehran on Wednesday, March. 8 and the response of the Reza Shah Pahlavi revealed the secret behind the authority of Iran. This ongoing protest from 9:00 am in the morning until 10:30 pm was held by people of all ages, declaring that the British have no right to take Iran’s oil free of charge. This protest brought attention to the Shah. After watching the demonstration on television, he responded publicly on BBC News and said, “The British are the superpower of the world and as a developing country we are obliged to be in their favor. It is due to their kind hearts that I am in my current position and all they ask in return is our oil”. Further opposition was led by the citizens. The society of Iran questioned about the ruling authority of the country. The response resulted in another protest held on the following day, Thursday March. 9. Ahmed Shahid Akhter, a protester said “The Emperor of Persia is not Reza Shah, but the King of England”. People became ambiguous about who the real governing body was and soon began to realize that Iran was under the power of the British Empire. The citizens were already tired of their current monarch and this announcement of gave them an open opportunity to fulfill their desire of choosing a new, more courageous representative. They were eager for a King who could bravely stand up for their rights and protect their valuable resource; oil. Iran is currently presented with economic risks and furthermore, due to Iran handing over their oil to the British, expert economist, Amjad Asghar has presumed that “Iran will soon be in a financial crisis and never will we ever become financially stabile if our oil will be gone”. The inhabitants of Iran are concerned and worried on the outlook of their country and, if they will ever be able to become the successful and prosperous country they dreamed of?
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