Freshman Health Study Guide

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Your semester exam will be worth a total of 200 points.
110 will be multiple choice, true/false, & matching.
20 points will be from 2 decision-makers, 20 points will be from short answer, and 50 points will come from your personal review of the health course (which will be turned in the day before finals begin). **Some of you may complete the exam with as much as 40 minutes remaining in the exam period—bring something to study or to keep you occupied as not to disrupt others. NO PASSES will be given to leave the classroom during exams! *For each of our 5 units of study, we covered many terms that you are expected to know. The remainder of this study guide includes key terms you will see in some form (matching, T/F, multiple choice) on the final exam. You should be able to define, explain, or discuss the following terms and concepts: MENTAL HEALTH UNIT…

-Physical health -Mental/Emotional Health (describe a mentally healthy person -Time management -Heredity/Genetics -Positive feedback
-Self-esteem (definition, examples of, & ways to improve) -Stress/ways to deal with stress -Suicide (#1 cause of…) -Peer Pressure -Displacement
-Denial -Rationalization -Values
-Passive -Aggressive -Assertive
-Clinical Depression -Schizophrenia -Risk
-Bi-polar Disorder -Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D) -Benefits -Decision -Alternative -Consequences
-Sexuality -Sexual Harassment (what is it? How do you handle it?) -Fertilization -Urethra (what is the role in male reproduction?) -Testosterone -Testes -Sperm (life of)
-Vas Deferens -Seminal Vesicle -4 conditions of conception
-Chemical methods( pills, etc.)-( how they work) -Fertility Awareness Techniques (Calendar Method) -Ovary -Fallopian Tube -Egg cell/Ovum (life of)HUMAN SEXUALITY UNIT- CONTINUED -Uterus -Cervix -Vagina

-Endometrium -Ovulation/when it occurs -Menstruation
-Abstinence (health class...
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