9th Grade Health Study Guide

Topics: Psychoactive drug, Nervous system, Brain Pages: 6 (689 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Name ____________________________________________ Date ________________ Per. ____

1. _____________________________ is an illness that can be passed from an infected person to a well person.

2. Actions that help to keep a disease or condition from occurring is called _________________


3. A cancer causing chemical _______________________.

4. ______ is the psychoactive ingredient in Marijuana.

5. A molecule that is released from a nerve cell is called a ________________________.

6. Produces a feeling of pleasure: _______________.

7. ______________ - liver damage.

8. The brain’s response to not having the drug ____________________.

9. _____________________ is the intense desire for the pleasure produced by the drug.

10. A drug classification which reduces or slows down the central nervous system. _________________.

11. A fundamental change in the brain that results in uncontrollable, compulsive drug craving, seeking and use. _______________.

12. _____________________ is the basic building block of the central nervous system.

13. Drugs that do not require a doctor’s prescriptions are called ______________________________.

14. Marijuana is a mind-altering drug and is classified as an ______________________.

15. ______________________ is the physical and psychological negative effects of discontinuing use of a drug.

16. A highly concentrated form of a natural substance found in meat and fish is called __________________.

17. When alcohol is consumed, it is carried to all parts of the body within ____________.

18. Once alcohol reaches the brain, it begins to affect those areas of the brain that controls

_____________, _______________ and ________________.

19. Long term physical effects of alcohol includes ___________________, ____________________ an ____________________.

20. Alcohol is classified as a _________________.

21. The #1 drug problem among young people in America is __________________ use.

22. Nicotine causes lung cancer, leukoplakia and __________________.

23. Tobacco can be smoked, ____________, ______________, or _______________,

24. _____________________ is the most widely used illicit drug in the U.S. and tends to be the first illegal drug teens use.

25. ___________________________________ are actions that detect the presence of a disease or condition in its early stages when it is easier to treat.

26. It takes about ___ (how long) after the smoke is inhaled for the nicotine to reach the brain.

27. When tobacco is chewed, it takes about _______________ (how long) for the nicotine to reach the brain.

28. Alcohol first affects your ______________, then ___________________, and then your ________________.

29. _______________________________ is the condition caused by drinking more alcohol than the liver can handle.

30. __________________________________________ is the consumption of five or more drinks in one sitting by a male.

31. The liver processes alcohol at a rate of _____ ounce per _________.

32. _________________ is the best way to “sober up.”

33. _______________________ are breathable chemical vapors that produce psychoactive (mind-altering) effects.

34. ________________________________________________ can result from a single session of inhalant use.

35. ______________________________________ are powerful natural or synthetic compounds closely related chemically to testosterone.

36. One risk of anabolic steroids when used by an athlete: it _____________________ a male, and ___________________________ a female.

37. ______________________________ are used by wrestlers to increase water output to

“make weight.”

38. In a 2005 Fairfax County Survey, prescription drugs and ________________________ are the most commonly used...
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