Four Stages of Haircutting Competence

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Clipper Cuts
Needs Improvement
0 pts
Student does not understand the skillSome Competency
1 pts
Student has basic understanding of the skill , however needs improvementCompetent 2 pts
Student understands the skill needs work on confidence of skillStrong Competency 3 pts
Student has a strong understanding of the skill and executed with confidence Exceeds Competency
4 pts
Student exceed the expectations of the skill and displayed extreme confidence throughoutImprovement recommendations 0 pts
Pre Sanitize Station
Set up work station
Sanitize hands Also
Greet Client
At reception area
introduce yourself and ask client their
name, shook their hand , invited them to your station
Ask the client about
their lifestyle, how long they allow to style hair, length they desire , repeat what they have told you
Use either a sani strip around the neck or a towel, place cutting cape securely but comfortable around client
Place correct number guard on clippers and start at the nape, use upward motion and cut to the occipital bone. Repeat across back and sides. Do not go above the ears
Cutting step 2
Change your guard to the next higher number and begin with clippers at the point you stopped with lower guard number. angle clippers out away from the corners around the whole head.
Clipper Comb
place at least a one guard on the clippers, using the clipper comb, place the clippers over the comb and in a perpendicular position and blend your edges.
Determine the length the client wants on top. using the appropriate number guard start at the front hair line and work back to the crown area. repeat for entire top of the heard
Using the clipper comb blend your top piratical ridge to your sides by holding your clipper comb vertical to the side of the head use clippers to blend.
Clean up
Switching to smaller...
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