How to Do a Quickweave

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Melissa Williams
English 101
Essay 1: How to do A Quick Weave

Ladies have you ever wanted to change your hairstyle and didn’t know what to do? Do you ever get tired of looking the same way? Do you want to look classy with long flowing hair? Here is a great idea for you. Quick weaves are beautiful, fast to do, and easy to maintain. It doesn’t cost a lot, and the hair would make you fall in love with yourself. You can have short, long, thin, or thick hair. It doesn’t matter this will work for you. You will receive information on the tools you need, the steps, and the styling. It is the beginning of a beautiful makeover.

The main ingredient for this process is the hair extensions. You can go to the nearest beauty supply store for this. Some people use cheap hair because they are not going to keep it for a long period of time. The best hair is expensive hair, so that you can apply it more than one time. When you get to the store you are also going to need hair bonding glue, scissors, hair gel, shampoo, conditioner, spritz, a straightening iron, a hand dryer, and a sit under dryer. This sounds like a lot and you are saying “oh no”, but believe me it’s worth it.

When you are ready to start the process, take everything out to be sure that you have everything. Now wash your hair and make sure that it gets really clean. You should wash it at least three times just to be sure. If your hair is still dirty within three days your scalp will be itching. Towel dry the hair and apply conditioner. Once that is done put a plastic cap on and sit under the dryer for fifteen to twenty minutes. This process is called deep conditioning it strengthens, moisturizes, and makes your hair healthy. After you wash the conditioner out, comb your hair through starting from the end and work your way to the roots. Now you have to decide if you want middle or side part done in your head and leave some hair out for that. Retrieve your hair gel from the supplies and gel...
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