How to Sew in Weave

Topics: Hair weave, Braid, Rope Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Hair has always been a form of expression and hair weave came along and made it better. Since the beginning of time, as far back as 500 B.C. which is roughly the first documentation of hair weave, many Egyptians used weave to decorate their hair and keep their natural hair clean and protected. This, as we know, became very popular and opened doors to expand the development of hair weaves. Today there are many different types of hair weave; we have various types of braids and twists, crochet weaves, quick weaves (glue in), and clip in weaves. In this point in time the sew in weave technique is the most popular. Depending on the person you go to will determine the price of the sew in. A person who does hair unlicensed, kitchen beautician, can charge you $50 to $120, and a licensed professional can charge anywhere from $180 to $400. Getting a weave is like getting the hair you never had but always wanted, and as you can see it can be expensive that is why this essay will teach you how to install your own sew in.

Think about the style you want first then obtain the needed materials. Different styles include but are not limited to invisible part (which is when all weave is sown in with a part down the middle), side part (all weave is sown in with a part on either side), partial (only half of the head has weave sown in), and full (the head is completely covered with weave sown in). A comb, weave brush, needle (preferably curved), scissors, thread (same color as hair weave), rubber bands and hair clips are optional, and of course you will need the hair weave you are installing. These Instructions are for an invisible part sew in.

Set the foundation. You must have the ability to braid natural hair down to the scalp or be willing to learn. For this step you will need the comb and the rubber bands or hair clips. Use the comb to section off wherever you want your part to be, the rubber bands or hair clips can be used at this point to hold down the section of the hair...
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