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  • Published : October 2, 2010
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Aracely Martinez
ENGL 1301
September 26, 2010
Process Analysis Essay
How to Saddle Up a Horse
You may think saddling up a horse seems too complicated for you and may even keep you from riding. Saddling your horse takes just about ten minutes to get you going! It is easy and simple. It’s an important part for your pre-ride preparation that will allow you to feel comfortable and secure will riding.

The first thing you will want to do is gather the things you will need such as a saddle pad and a saddle. Start by grooming your horse. It is a good opportunity to check for injuries or irritations. This also allows you to warm your horse up. Next, you will make sure to be as near possible to the horse’s left neck to avoid any harm coming from the horse’s back legs. Then place the saddle pad on the horse to where the pad is right over the front shoulders of the horse. Walk in front of the horse to make sure the pad was evenly placed. After that, you will take hold of the saddle in a way you can swing it up onto the horse. If in case you struggle the first time, try putting the cinches, the belts that go around the belly, on top of the seat to keep them out of the way. Place the saddle not so far to the front, nor too far to the back. Otherwise, this will cause the horse to become sore and in discomfort. After placing the saddle, start with the cinch or belt attached to the saddle, by buckling. Make sure the cinch is right behind the front shoulders. This is significant if in case the horse spooks, there is a better chance that the saddle will stay on. Tighten the cinch to where you are able to slip a finger in between the horse’s belly and the cinch. After setting up the saddle, you will want to place a breast collar to avoid any head bobbing. Hold the breast collar in front of you so that the loop part is hanging straight down and the left and right pieces are off the sides. The breast collar should form a “T” as you look at it. Fasten the left side of the...