Finance and Accounting for Management

Topics: Management accounting, Balance sheet, Financial statements Pages: 7 (2054 words) Published: September 23, 2012
AGW 610/3 Finance and Accounting for Management Graduate School of Business Universiti Sains Malaysia

Lecturer: Semester: Associate Prof. Dr. Sofri Yahya; Dr Fathyah Hashim Semester 1, Academic Session 2012/2013

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AGW 610/3
Finance and Accounting for Management

Course GUIDE
Semester 1/ 2012/2013
Learning Outcome
After successful completion of this course, learners should be able to: LO1: evaluate the advance knowledge of accounting and finance and integrate sustainability issues, other business related disciplines together with previous learning and experiences to address complex global business situations holistically (PO1) (C6) deduce financial and non-financial accounting information in justifying the financial positions and performance of a company (PO1) (C6) construct financial statements based on generally accepted accounting standards (PO2) (P5) formulate financial strategies based on accounting information to ensure sustainability of a company in a rapidly changing the world's economic landscape (PO3) (A5) conform ethical, values and professional attitude in developing financial strategies (PO6) (A5) practice strategic thinking, innovation and entrepreneurial skills in making managerial decisions (PO8) (A5)






Teaching Panel
Name Dr Fathyah Hashim Room # Block E47



Consultation Hours
Time By appointment Day Any day

15 Weeks (Sept 2012 – Dec 2012)


Student’s Learning Activities
Week 1 Activities Part A: Introduction to the course At the end of Part A, learners are expected to: 1. explain the objectives of this course 2. comprehend the learning outcomes of this course and the learning activities to achieve each one of them 3. comprehend on how they are being assessed and the components 4. explain the expectations from the project 5. explain the general rules and procedures with regard to the course 6. know their course-mates Part B: Lesson 1: Accounting and Business Decisions( LO1) (LO2) At the end of Lesson 1, learners are expected to: 1. apply the accounting concepts, principles and accounting equation for constructing financial statements 2. explain accounts, journals and ledgers as they relate to recording transactions and describe common accounts 3. evaluate the accounting transaction recording process To achieve the learning outcomes, students are required to: 1. Comprehend Chapters 1 and 2 from HHO (LO 1-3) 2. Complete Case 1 – page 50 from HHO (LO 1-3) and submit. 3. Participate in Lecture on Lesson 1 (LO1) 2 Lesson 2: Accounting Transactions and Accrual Basis (LO1) (LO2) (LO6) At the end of Lesson 2, learners are expected to: 1. Evaluate the differences between accrual accounting and cash-basis accounting 2. Apply Accounting period concept, Revenue and Matching Principles in constructing financial statements 3. Construct financial statement after adjusting entries 4. Identify accounting cycle 5. Show how to close accounts and classify them for presentation on the financial statements To achieve the learning outcomes, students are required to: 1. Comprehend Chapters 3 and 4 from HHO (LO1-3) 2. Analyse and prepare for presentation/participation and submission: Team Project: It’s Just Lunch, p.189 (HHO) (LO1-3) 3. Participate in Lecture on Lesson 2 (LO1-3) 3 Lesson 3: Accounting for Inventory (LO1) (LO2) (LO3) (LO6) Learning outcomes from Lesson 3. Student are expected to be able to: 1. differentiate between merchandising companies, services companies and manufacturing companies (LO1) 2. evaluate inventory systems (LO2) 3. construct accounting for purchase of inventory (LO3) 4. apply inventory costing methods (LO2) To achieve the learning outcomes,...
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