Bellaire Clinical Labs, Inc Case

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Course Syllabus

Southern New Hampshire University Online

Center: Online
Term # 2, Academic Year 2013
Class inclusive dates: 1/7 – 3/31/13

Instructor Information
Dana Leland
Phone: 210-844-0565 12-10 pm CST

Title:Controllership – The Work of the Managerial Accountant Author:Janice M. Roehl-Anderson and Steven M. Bragg
Edition: 8th
Year of Publication:2010
ISBN Number:9780470481981

Course Prerequisites
ACC-600 or equivalent and ACC-620 or equivalent or permission of the instructor or the area chair.

Course Description
To help students gain an overview of the entire accounting process in the real world and to become competent financial managers able to apply their knowledge to the situations they will encounter in the workplace.  Furthermore, through class discussion and participation, students will gain an understanding of the all-important people skills they will need in order to successfully apply their technical knowledge and to carry out all the functions of their position.  In this course you will be expected to not only master the subject matter, but also to improve your written and oral communication skills so that you can lead your team in problem definition, analysis, possible solutions and, ultimately, good and proper recommendations for the course of action to be taken.

Expanded Objectives
The role of the corporate controller is rapidly changing.  In this course, we will examine the various responsibilities that will be expected of the controller and the various perceptions and expectations that others in the organization will have of the controller.  Accounting knowledge and transaction oversight is only the starting point.  The corporate controller will need to have knowledge of how to deal with, and potentially the ability to manage, human resources and benefits administration, information technology, strategy formulation, operation metrics and reporting, cross-functional teams.  We will discuss the various areas where the controller will have direct or indirect influence and how s/he can best operate within the corporate environment.

When you complete this course, you will have had the opportunity to gain a great deal of insight into the real-world realities of corporate controllership and you should have a good understanding of the dynamic business environment you will be entering along with the role of the controller within it.  If you have participated fully, you will have a better understanding feel reasonably knowledgeable stepping into the corporate environment and knowing what may be expected of you.

Grading Policies
The grading opportunities in this course will be as follows:

Discussion Board/Participation – Each week, there will be three questions on the Discussion Board. You should participate in the discussion of each of these questions. To earn full credit for participating in the Discussion Board, you should post at least two substantive comments to the Discussion Board on at least three different days. That means that you should post a minimum of six substantive comments to the Discussion Board each week, and those six substantive comments should be spread out over a minimum of three different days each week. Keep in mind that the initial posting to the question does not count towards participation.

It is best to establish a routine in which you log into the Discussion Board early in the week and post your initial thoughts about the weekly discussion questions. Then at mid-week you should log into the Discussion Board, read what others have posted with regard to both questions and post responses to some of those comments. At the end of the week, you should log into the Discussion Board, read the new comments, and post your final thoughts. I hope you will be interested in the discussions and...
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