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Topics: Outsourcing, Employment, Recruitment Pages: 15 (2839 words) Published: February 5, 2013
A Web-based Recruitment System
for Future Plus Multi-purpose Cooperative


3ISA 2nd Semester A.Y 2013-2014
BOCO, Gem Erica
BRIONES, Samuel Nikolai II
DOMINGO, Klara Denise
MORTEGA, Isabelle Alyssa
REGINO, Andrea Nicole

Chapter 1
The Project
I. Introduction
Tim Berners-Lee’s creation of the World Wide Web is an opportunity for companies to choose how they will combine their business objectives so they can provide satisfactory service and maintain long term communication to the users. Internet technology allows companies to communicate extensively within and outside their range. Companies today have greater capabilities to establish, sustain and nurture members. Moreover it’s been used to create bridges between the company and their employee, to take effect with the development of technology the company can look for their future people using the aid of the World Wide Web.

The introduction of Online Recruitment within the Philippines created a big impact to the Industry. Recruitment is the process of searching the candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization (E. Flippo, 1979). It changed the overview of many that it’s pretty impossible to be hired without taking any trips to several companies. However, even the top outsourcing company is dealing with several issues. Future Plus Multi-Purpose Cooperative is a service cooperative that has been in the manpower outsourcing, recruitment subcontracting business for over 12 years. The Manpower Company consists of trained professionals who supervise a variety of clients’ businesses like manufacturing, bar and restaurants, financing and trading businesses. This company has nearly 1000 members, who are part-owners of the cooperative, serving clients nationwide. Nonetheless, there are several concerns that prohibit the company to perform at their best. It encounters data duplication and loss of data since it uses manual recruitment system. As a result it does not meet its set objectives.

Providing a recruitment system to retain members in a database to keep information and avoid data redundancy. It is a business process that takes a closer look at the risks and issues related to the implementation of its system. It is very important to understand that the need for implementation of a recruitment system in an outsourcing business is necessitated by the mere fact that it is always more convenient and economical support both identities. The application of this web based system enables effective interaction with the members. The implementation of the system would reduce costs by improving the process efficiency and the use of internet based communication channels. The proposed system also aims to provide members with a consistent interface that will run way back from failures.

II. Project Objectives
General Objective
The primary objective of the study is to develop a web-based recruitment system for Future Plus Multi-purpose Cooperative. The proposed system will replace and will be used to improve the manual processing of the recruitment process.

Specific Objectives
The primary objectives of this system were the following:
• To have a record of the information of the members
• To be able to notify the qualified applicants
• Pre-assessment of the applicants
• To trace the applicant’s job history

III. System Scope
The system will enable the members to have their own accounts wherein they could be notified if they were qualified in a certain job. Tracing of the applicant’s job history is also possible. The system will record the credentials of the applicants for future referrals as well as the clients’ information. In Addition, the system will allow the administrator to filter the applicant’s resumes for their pre-assessment prior to interview.

IV. Project Scope and Boundary
Future Plus Multi-Purpose Cooperative will be the...
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