Managing Information Overload

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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Social-Technical Perspective: A solution for Managing Information Overload

In my opinion, organizations are likely to find better solutions thru informational overload using technical and social systems. Information overload has an ability to cause negative effects on an organizations performance. Within, technical and social systems there are a collection of complex components that solve problems within that system. Knowledge management uses the combination and utilization of technology at every phase that is available within the organization. Social and technical framework for management of knowledge is an appropriate method than an organization can use to handle problems due to information overload. In using both a social and technical approach within an organization allows an individual to gain the most insight within their performance. The relationship between people and technology does not matter in the process of solving different performance problems within an organization. The technical system is a tool used to identify problems within the organization that affect its performance. It supports the investment of knowledge management throughout the organization and its people. In doing so, this move enhances the technology and people within the organization to be used as interface models, and IT blueprints to ensure technology is implemented. (Liu & Errey, 2006) Conducting of business is at its present day of age within information technology. Within, the work environments today, they currently have access to various tools that assist with effective communication. (Pijpers, 2010) There is enough evidence to prove how these tools assist within an organization by keeping employees in an organization up-to-date, connect with others, remain productive and engage effectively with one another. In doing so, this shows the development of information technology thru internet and communicational technologies by

bringing light problems to informational...
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