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Topics: Sabah, Mount Kinabalu, Kota Kinabalu Pages: 5 (1955 words) Published: March 12, 2013
On Sunday 7 October 2012 I went on field trip to Kundasang Borneo Bird Festival with my course mate accompanied by Miss Juliana Langgat. Bus arrived at Kolej Kediaman Indah Permai about 7.30am and bus live about 7.45am. The trip took about 2 hours and we arrived at the bottom of Kinabalu Park about 9.00am and wait for shuttle bus to go inside Kinabalu Park. This fieldtrip is one of assessment of Special Event Operation(BE31703) and the purposes of this event is to exposed us how to conduct event and make research about the visitor’s motivation and satisfaction toward Borneo Bird Festival to enhance their quality experiences. 2.0 DURING THE EVENT

We arrived at Kinabalu Park about 9.30am and the event already starts. There are several booths like Era.FM KK as official Radio, Borneo Bird Club, Kadaiku souvenir booth, Wild Bird Club of Philiphines, World Wildlife Fund booth, Nikon and canon booth, Mayuri house of art (art booth),Persatuan Seni visual, Borneo book booth, Obon recycling booth, Celcom, Borneo Sun Bear, Tabin Wildlife reserve, Kinabalu Avian Club and other several booth.

First when we arrived , the organizer give the entry passport , the entry passport have state all the booth there and we must get the stamp each of the booth, if the entry passport have full with stamp we can redeem the free gift. I have walk around the booth and have a stamp each of the booth, meantime I also find two respondent to fill up the questionnaire. About 10.00am there was a talk about shorebirds and why they migrate by Dave Bakewell. With hear about this talk, I have improved my knowledge about bird world. After the talk, we are directed to gather at in front of the Dewan Kinabalu which was the talk are held to have birdwalk guided by the Kinabalu Park guide officer . We are separated by several group with ten people each group and guide by two tour guide. Along the walk inside the park we can see several flower and tree that we didn’t seen before. The time we have a walk is not the active time of bird so it’s quite hard to see bird is fly around the park. But we have opportunity to see the bird by telescopes and binoculars, and I have seen an endemic bird species in Sabah Borneo named Bornean Falconet its only 15cm also known as the world’s smallest raptor.

After walk around for see the bird we have return back to the Kinabalu Park foyer and there are bird sound miming contest are held, participant are required to miming bird sound played, if the sound are quite same, the participant will be the winner. At the same time we have a round to the booth there such as art painting demo, stone and vase painting, and temporary bird tattoo to take stamp for fill up the passport. Other student are also take this opportunity to have a photo session together.

About 12.30pm we are asked to gather in front of the Dewan Kinabalu to go out of Kinabalu Park to have lunch. About 1.15pm we arrived at restaurant and had a lunch until 2.00pm. After that we got over Kundasang market and about 2.30 the bus leaved to UMS. About 4.30 pm all student arrived safely at respective hostel. 3.0 QUESTIONAIRRE ANALYSIS

I have conduct the research by distributed questionnaire to two respondent which are visitor to know their motivation and satisfaction of Borneo Bird Festival. We use lilkert scale from 1 : Strongly disagree to 5 : strongly agree. 3.1 Part A: Demographic data

Both of respondent are female and Brunei ethnicity their age within 31 to 40 years old travel by group tour and origin from Sipitang. They know about this event from banner and travelled there by car. One of the respondent spend about one to two hour and another one spend more than two hours visiting the Bird Borneo Festival location. 3.2 Part B : Motivation factors

Both visitor agree that they visit Borneo Bird Festival because its organized once a year, its showed that visitor are waiting for the event that...
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