The Importance of Event Planning

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Why have planned event become more important globally? Do you agree or disagree that they have become mainly generators for those who plan and execute them. Use examples to illustrate your argument. Introduction

The planned events all over the world are exciting and diverse and have almost unlimited scope of variety in basis of form, function and event experiences. The meanings attached to those events and the importance they have always held in our personal and social lives makes them fundamental components of business, culture and lifestyle.

Planned events are spatial-temporal phenomenon. Each event is unique because of the interactions taking place between the setting, people and management systems have differences. Events are such a powerful communication tool, because of their uniqueness, they produce a feeling that “you have to be there” to fully enjoy the full experience, otherwise it will be a lost opportunity if you have missed it (DONALD GETS, 2007).

All planned events have their “labels”: such as festivals, conventions, ceremonies, exhibitions, etc. These labels have a common effect: when people describe terms like “fairs” or “conference”, their minds will pop up an idea about what do these terms mean. Planned events look and feel different because different intentions, meanings and themes are held each time; and for audiences, they also have different expectations, motives and attitudes. Since any event can fulfill multiple functions, facilitate similar experiences and have many meanings attached to it, a well-planned and executive event seems much more important and challenging for designers to manage and conduct.

Why is planned event important globally?
Planned events are organized for a purpose (S.G.F WARNAARS, 2009). With the development of varieties in people’s life styles, more and more events are held for specific reasons. Based on the initiative goals, scales, types and contexts of events are adjusted accordingly to cater for the...
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