World War

Topics: Common law, Law, Lecture Pages: 11 (3765 words) Published: January 17, 2013
/University of Central Florida
Dr. Charles M. Lako, Jr.   Lecture Hall: CBA1 – BA1-107   Spring, 2012                  
The Legal & Ethical Environment of Business and E-Commerce at the International, National and State Level 
BUL 3130           Four (4) credit hours
   X  Sections:  Main Campus BUL 3130-0R01; Cocoa BUL 3130-0V70; Palm Bay BUL 3130-0V75; Daytona BUL 3130-0V80:
  Metro/Valencia-West BUL 3130-0V50; Osceola BUL 3130-0V55; Ocala BUL 3130-0V84; S. Lake BUL 3130-0V85;
 Lake Mary BUL 3130-0V81: S. Orlando BUL 3130-0V86.

LIVE LECTURE EVERY MONDAY ON MAIN CAMPUS - LECTURE HALL STARTING AT 6:00 PM.  Lecture Hall is a 300 seat capacity room - BA 0107. EVERYONE IS INVITED TO ATTEND, SEATING IS LIMITED TO 300 SCHOLARS This Course is LIVE AND ALSO delivered via the web as a VIDEO CAPTURE -streaming lecture.

College of Business - Dixon School of Accounting
Office:  4th Floor, BA 468    (407) 823-2965
Office Hours for YOU:  (always available for law scholars)
(i) e-mail;  (ii) in person before class,    (iii) by special appointment;  (iv.) most all appointments will be scheduled in advance – please see the FAQ page. NOTE:  Remember, I am here for you!     My belief is our faculty/student ratio is: 1:1

Ms. Jessica L. Galloway, Graduate TA in Law
Ms. Trish M. Piercy, LTA (Legal) Teaching Assistant

  Res Ipsa Loquitur Law Society - created and sponsored by FL & GA Trial Law Offices of Charles M. Lako, Jr., Esq. at UCF is open for membership to all Dr. Lako’s BUL 3130, 5810 & 6444 Scholars.  Check my web page for announcements! Textbook:  The Legal & Ethical Environment of Business and E-Commerce at the International, National and State Level,   Meiners, Ringleb, Edwards, (compiled) Lako. Cengage Learning (Publishers), ISBN Number is ISBN-13: 9781133228233  THIRD CUSTOM EDITION - No Edition number Course Objectives:  Each student will be confident in their ability to understand every aspect of every legal subject covered in the course.  Numerous times throughout the course it will be necessary to reference and discuss other law course material that directly relates to this course for the express purpose of providing you with a complete understanding of this most fascinating subject. You will most definitely (I) understand all the law presented to you, (II) retain it and (III) be able to apply it in your world today and in your careers. Teaching Methods:  A varied and diverse instructional method will be used to enhance course material and comprehension by lecture, discussions, examination of cases, completing challenging and enjoyable class exercises, group problem solving analysis, as well as more traditional methods. CLASS EXERCISES and GUEST LECTURES:  We will conduct in class - live (of real cases) the following;  Ethics Cases Every Class; Mediation; Arbitration; Civil Rights (employment) discrimination/harassment; Plea Bargaining; Deposition. Guest Lectures involve ten to twelve minute presentations by an Expert in the following areas of law:  Real Property; Common Law; Formal Law; Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Four (4) Semester Credit Hour Course:  Your classroom hours are three per week, and the fourth hour of every week has an assignment – research each Quiz Topic(s) on the Web course pages with an attached quiz for each assignment.  There are a total of four Quizzes. You will be given class time to conduct some of your research. Attendance Policy: In the past, pre-streaming, an absence would deny you the ability to thoroughly learn the material, and you would obviously experience greater difficulty in learning the 1,200 legal doctrines covered, especially since ALL exams are personally created and drafted by me from every lecture, class exercises and the text. You are responsible for the text materials, lectures, guest lecture series, class exercises, ethics...
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