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The Coca-Cola Company is the largest player in the global health and wellness (H&W) market, with a leading position in better for you beverages as well as a strong position as the global number two in fortified/functional beverages. H&W beverages are playing an important role in the company’s efforts to expand its presence. Nevertheless, standard products (in particular its Coca-Cola brand) remain central to the company’s growth strategy. Abdul Monem Ltd (AML) is one of the largest and the most successful corporate houses in Bangladesh maintaining leadership position in all their business ventures. Started as a Construction Contractor in 1956 and later diversified to food sector Abdul Monem Limited proudly represents brands like Coca-Cola.

The motivational process of The Coca-Cola Company can best be described as one that identifies with Clayton Alderfer's ERG theory. The workplace productivity within The Coca-Cola Company is unmatched by many organizations today. The existence needs of the employees within The Coca-Cola Company can be defined as those needs that have a desired physiological effect on the employees within the company. In addition, it could be the material well-being of the organization itself. In order for there to be harmony within the company, the employees must have a sense of stability in their current position, as well as a potential for growth within the company. Remembering that employees have the desire to be satisfied within the company in which they work.

MARKETING ENVIRONMENT:. The Marketing Environment
The actors and forces outside marketing that affect marketing management ability to build and maintain successful relationship with target customers. The environment continues to change rapidly and both customers and marketer’s wonder what the future will bring is called marketing environment.
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