Outlining the Role of Marketing and Pr in the Plc of a Primark Coat

Topics: Marketing, Market penetration, Customer Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Marketing is a management process concerned with anticipating, identifying and satisfying customer needs in order to meet the long-term goals of the organization.” [Easey, 2009 p5] It’s essential for the Marketing and PR teams to understand the customers wants and needs as the industry relies on customer satisfaction which leads to brand loyalty, repeat purchases and ultimately profit. Therefore, if customer needs are not met, the business will not survive and thrive. Marketing and PR would identify this product as a market penetration strategy as Primark has already produced ranges of similar coats for young girls. As this strategy holds the least risk compared to others from the Ansoffs Matrix, Marketing and PR would understand little or no market research would need to be conducted. This is due to the garment using many of the company’s existing resources and knowledge from previous products. Consequently, this coat would require little time and expense in the research stages, a very significant factor for a fast fashion budget retailer like Primark. Once Primark’s designers and garment technologists are happy with the garment, the Marketing and PR teams would decide how best to promote and advertise it. Primark generally targets 13-35 year olds within the mass market and this coat needs to appeal to the young girls it has been designed for. However, due to the wearer being very young and therefore having no or very little disposable income, Marketing and PR would need to consider the purchaser of the item. This garment has been designed as an autumn/winter waterproof for cold but not freezing weather as it is lightweight and not very thick. It’s essential for this coat to appeal functionality wise to the buyer (parent) and visually to the wearer (child). The practicality of the coat, coming from the waterproof 100% polyurethane backing, hood and child friendly button fastenings, are key to appealing to the customer. Whereas the bold print and bright...
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