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  • Published : September 24, 2012
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FCOM 111: Government, Law and Business Tutorial Worksheet #1 Readings: Keith, K. (2008). Cabinet Manual – On the constitution of New Zealand: An introduction to the foundations of the current form of government. Retrieved from http://www.cabinetmanual.cabinetoffice.govt.nz/node/68 Shaw, R. and Eichbaum, C. (2008). Public policy in New Zealand: Institutions, processes and outcomes. (2nd ed.). Auckland, New Zealand: Pearson Education New Zealand. 1. Define what is meant by a constitution. A constitution describes and establishes the major institutions of Government, their mandate/power, how they exercise that power, how much they can exercise, which people can stop them and how they can stop them. New Zealand has relatively open-textured constitutional arrangements compared to other countries meaning that our constitution is flexible and largely uncodified. Name of Student: Jadrah Tupai Student ID Number: 300198320 Tutorial Date and Time: 10/08/2012 1:10PM Tutor:

2. Provide a short description of one of New Zealand's constitutional conventions.

Collective Cabinet Responsibility is a constitutional convention that implies that members of Cabinet must publicly support all Governmental decisions made in cabinet, even if they do not necessarily agree with it.

3. List four statutes (Acts of Parliament) that form part of New Zealand’s overall constitutional arrangements.

1.Constitution Act 1986 2.Bill of Rights Act 19990 3.Electoral Act 1993 4.State Owned Enterprises Act 1986

4. Other than the readings in the Book of Course readings find TWO pieces of published work on the New Zealand Constitution (one a book, and the other a document accessed from the internet) and provide references for them both (using the APA format). Mark out of 10:

(2005, October 3). Retrieved August 8, 2012, from Parliament: http://www.parliament.nz/NR/rdonlyres/AC9829DF-32D84569-A672FFEFA2BC6278/6641/2005Constitutionupdate1.pdf Joseph, P. A. (2007). Constitutional and...
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