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Infosys: The Challenge of Global Branding
by Jeff Saperstein, Padmini Murty, Viren Desai 
Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 
28 pages.  Publication date: Jul 18, 2005. Prod. #: 905A01-PDF-ENG Information technologies outsourcing is one of the emergent fast-growth industries in the global high-tech economy. India is the leading country for IT outsourcing and Infosys is the largest Indian company in this sector. The branding challenge for Infosys is to leverage its reputation for predictable excellent results for IT outsourcing. Management identified overall company top-line revenue growth as a way to achieve 30%-40% annual increases, but allocated only a negligible budget for marketing communications. The key to the global brand strategy would not be through brand image advertising, but through communications of product strategy developments to large global IT outsourcing companies. The goal for Infosys is to be on the shortlist of providers for the large, most sophisticated for IT services assignments.

Chattopadhyay, A.; Kohli, A.
Published by:
INSEAD (2009)
30 pages
Wipro had set a goal to be among the 'Big 5' global IT players within the next five years. However, despite its tremendous business successes in the recent past, a Brand Perception Survey conducted in 2006 among prospective clients showed that awareness of Wipro was much lower than for its main Indian rival. On the other hand, between 2005-2006 its 'favorability' scores had increased dramatically, that is, those who knew about Wipro now had a far more favorable impression about the company. Thus the key challenge facing Wipro was to develop a distinct positioning to help increase awareness levels in target geographies and audiences. The case provides an opportunity to discuss brand positioning and do so in a B2B services context. It allows for a discussion of marketing communications in the B2B...
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