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  • Published : March 16, 2013
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Sheridan College
Reports and Presentations
Margaret Marcer

DATE: 21 February 2013
TO: Baninder Pal Singh (President)
SUBJECT: Implement of Apple Technology in workplace
Setting up the Apple Technology into work place will reduce operating costs and time limit to complete the given tasks; it will help to improve company’s productivity, accuracy, information security and optimum utility of resources. This report addresses the background, benefits, challenges, costs and time frame to execute the plan. Background: We know from work delays and increasing costs of depreciation on office computers that all of our office computers are need to be changed. These computers are basic computers and do not match the challenges of advanced work place, also these computers are very slow and do not able to take the extra workload. After a review of available technology and costs, we decided that instead of paying too much depreciation on our old computers, we have to install the new Apple iMacs. Benefits: Today, Apple iMacs are the fastest and trusted computers in the market. These computers have fully updated software and improved applications for office work. Apple computers are reliable and trusted for its 3 times faster graphic speed. IMacs will provide efficiency and accuracy in office work. Apple products have advanced security system that will help to secure our data from unauthorized persons. Furthermore Apple computers will provide a new and luxurious look to our work place. Challenges: Our employees will need some practice to become familiar to work on Apple computers. It would cause some delays in work at the beginning and some employees may find it difficult to work on iMacs. Furthermore these computers are little high-priced than other computer manufacturers available in market. Costs: Direct costs include price of computers, installation...
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