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Vickie Sabbath

CS300 – Big Ideas in Science: From Methods to Mutation

Unit 6 – Assignment

Impacts of a borderless society

Kaplan University

May 3, 2011

Professor, Shalon Bull

Impacts of a borderless society
List all of the components of two of your meals, then state where did each component of your meal originate? List the county that each part of your meal comes from. My first meal would be my breakfast where, I had turkey bacon, scrambled eggs and wheat toast. And my second meal of the day was my dinner, which I had chicken (baked), rice and broccoli for my vegetable. As we all know that turkey bacon comes from the Middle East that started centuries ago. Scrambled eggs were originated in Ireland. Wheat bread comes from Egypt. The chicken was originated in East Asia. The rice is originated in China and Thailand in the early B.C. years. And the broccoli was originated in the eastern Mediterranean. List where you purchased the products.

I reside in the state of Florida and I purchase my groceries at a couple of stores, one of them is called Publix and the other one is Wal-Mart Marketplace. Consider the chain of events that took the product to get form the farm/laboratory to the table. There are a lot of processing that goes on with the shipment of food from the farms and laboratories to the grocery stores and then to the table. All types of food, from meat to fruit, vegetables, etc, once it leaves the farm/laboratories, it has to go thought a series of processing, such as making sure that it is does not contain and chemicals or any other pesticides that would bring harm to someone when eaten. Also all foods must be inspected by the FDA for approval before it is shipped out to the groceries stores for purchasing. This process is done to ensure the safety of the food and the consumers. The processing period includes the removal of any toxin, the preservatives and all other things that does not belong in the food. The...
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