English vs Hungarian

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  • Published : November 6, 2012
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English vs. Hungarian: Patterns and Contrasts: 1. INTRODUCTION http://hungram.unideb.hu/Tibor_Laczko/English_vs_Hungarian/ user: evsh2009 pwd: 2009evsh pdf files so far (also on my homepage): EvsH_foreign_students_exam_material_11.pdf; EvsH_parttime_students_exam_material_11.pdf; EvsH_rec_readings_11.pdf; EvsH_syllabus_11.pdf; //1_handout_11.pdf//

syllabus: particulars, course description, schedule: tentative, topics, consultation week about the course  a loose descriptive framework, some intro to linguistics – some notions and categories for basic generalizations (later: practical, descriptive, theoretical)  a new course – awareness of the similarities and differences between the target language and the mother tongue (learner, student, teacher) – reduced material  my perspective – goal: important, relevant, practically oriented, student-friendly  EXAM EXCLUSIVELY BASED ON THE LECTURES (no textbook yet) – attendance – lecture notes  ask questions!  handouts by themselves: NOT SUFFICIENT!  recommended readings: much more material, clarification, (further) background information – O’Grady et al. (1993): framework, English phenomena – Rounds (2001): a good comprehensive practical Hungarian grammar – page numbers: homepage  10 copies on reserve (+ Quirk et al. (1979) A University Grammar of English) on (the comparison of) languages  language is an articulated system of arbitrary signs – a complex system of subsystems  phonetics/phonology > morphology > syntax ↔ semantics  rule-governed (child, linguist, student) data → hypothesized rule → further data → modified hypothesized rule → further data → rule 1. went → *goed → went 2. *Is I can do it? 3. nonsense words: wug → wugs  all human languages have grammars with categories, principles and rules – (dis)similarities English vs. Hungarian  GENETICALLY

unrelated Romance Slavic Germanic

French, Spanish, Rumanian, … Russian, Czech, Polish, … English, German,...
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