Employee Preferences

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a. The selecting of someone or something over another or others. b. Something or someone preferred.
c. Someone or something so chosen.


These are what most people want in a job, what job they want to apply to.

For men:
Security (keeping of one’s job);
and advancement (promotion)
For women:
type of work (those that suits them)
nature of the company (refers to working hours, work environment, pay and training opportunities)

For most people, they prefer a job that has the following factors:

1. Interesting work
2. Work in a friendly place
3. Good pay
4. Satisfaction from the work
5. Mastery of occupational skills

Having adequate knowledge about jobs is very much helpful. You’ll have a great chance of being employed by an organization.


A. Book
Leon de, Emmanuel B. (1993). Industrial Psychology. Manila, Rex

B. Internet Sources
http://www.buzzle.com/articles/recruitment-process-steps.html http://www.camotechnologies.com/about_us/quality_process.html


1. What is most important for men when in comes to selection of jobs? a) Good Pay
b) Nature of the Company
c) Security and Advancement
d) Organization

2. How come good pay is expected from a job?
a) Employees work for no reasons.
b) Employees want to become rich.
c) Employees work to sustain their family needs.
d) Employees want to become popular.

3. Why do organizations need to recruit employees?
a) They want their business to have effective growth.
b) They want many workers.
c) They want to become a well-known company someday.
d) It is just a matter of wasting time.

4. What is the major reason why college recruiting does not produce the most desirable results? a) Students do not have any potential at all.
b) It is finding candidates who have realistic view of the world of work. c) Lack of training in interview techniques.
d) Students know nothing.

5. What is the most important part to employing organizations? a) Experiences
b) Skills
c) Work Force
d) Knowledge of Job Preferences

Key Answers:
1. C.
2. C.
3. A.
4. B.
5. D.


VALUE – worth

Practical value of the Basic Value of Industrial Psychology

“What are the services of Industrial Psychology?”
They reduce cost
They add profits

“In what way, they can reduce the cost and add profits?” Industrial psychologist discusses Four Areas that affects the cost for an organization; Absenteeism
Employees who fail to show up for work
When employees QUIT
Job Satisfaction
Contented employee can reduce grievances, strikes, absences, tardiness and turnover. Personnel selection
Only the highly qualified applicants must be hired.

Industrial psychologist use tests as a device;
Cognitive test

Mental ability

Pangasinan State University
Urdaneta Campus

I. Principles, practices and Problems
1.4. Training Requirements for Industrial Psychologists

Submitted by:
Jomer Glenn A. Carig
Submitted to:
Dr. Corazon M. Mipalar

2nd Semester S.Y. 2011-2012
- an act of a person or group of people a particular skill or knowledge.
- an organized activity that aims to give information and/or instructions to improve one’s self
- refers to imparting specific skills, abilities and knowledge to an employee Requirements
- an essential condition that an individual must meet
- a certain necessity
- a condition
Industrial Psychology
- is the application of the methods, facts and principles of the science of behaviour and mental processes to people at work.
- is the study of human behaviour in relation with the society.
- is scientific...
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