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One living room, one male, one female, one couple; each sitting on either side of the area letting silence overrule the room and anger overrule the mind. Every hurtful statement already exchanged and every hurtful action already committed. It all started with the simple misunderstanding of the male’s statements throughout the day. In a truly connected relationship, any simple misunderstanding can cause disruption; in this case it was what “he” said, and what “she” understood. Because of this misunderstanding, the argument was carried on to a level that was unnecessary. Sadly, this all could’ve been avoided with a simple key element: Communication.

Many couples fail to realize the miscommunication within their relationship. In order to communicate without walls limiting its direction; pride, anger, and aggression must be removed while patience, slight intimacy, and understanding is implemented. With these actions already made, you are able to express each other’s point of view with much ease. As far as the couple in the first paragraph, if “she” had simply asked her male partner what was a bother to him instead of jumping to an assumption, and “he” had simply explained what was wrong, the larger, hurtful, unnecessary portion of the discussion would’ve been eliminated; who truly knows? It could’ve been just a headache.

An ideal relationship will seem to have more downs than ups when in reality you spend so much time being up that the downs really downplay everything within it. These problems are not signs that you should quit, but landmarks of appraisal showing you how far you have gone within your strong and healthy relationship. Every couple has its ups and downs, but how you seam through the cracks to solve each problem really displays the level of seriousness within the relationship. With that being stated, in a relationship, both partners form a team.

There’s no “I” in “team” such as there is no “I” in “we,” both phrases apply when it comes to an...
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