Managing Conflict in Relationships

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Aggression, Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research Pages: 7 (2471 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Managing and Resolving Conflicts in a relationship
Sonia Pabon
Kaplan Institute

Interpersonal Communication
Mr. Muliken
November 26, 2012

The topic that I have chosen to discuss throughout this paper is Managing and Resolving Conflicts in a Relationship. This topic is very important to me simply because, I personally see a lot of relationships failing, including some of mines due to lack of resolving and managing conflicts correctly. By the end of this paper I hope that I have helped the reader understand and eliminate any conflicts that confront their everyday lives.

Many relationships and about fifty-five percent of marriages end because of unresolved conflicts. Most of the time these relationships fail because people forget the true value and meaning of being in a relationship, many people lose focus and respect for the other person and that is when conflicts start arising. This is the time when communication would play a major role, knowing how to communicate with one another is always a positive aspect in a relationship. Although, some conflicts are not worth the stress, argument and or the demeaning of a person that is when you need to put a stop to it before it gets worst. Most conflicts in a relationship would not be resolved and that is when either side need to decide is it worth fighting? Most conflicts start over the most minor things or some are major. Many failed relationships happen because of financial problems, family stressor, sexual issues, expectations and poor time management skills.

When dealing with financial stress communication about money may be causing you grief. How you and your significant other deal with bills, debt, budget and other money-related issues can make or break your relationship. Reaching a compromise with your partner in this area can help safeguard your relationship from failure. Also, family stress goes hand to hand with financial stress because without the financial stability it would bring concerns and worries towards the house and the kids. Family stress is also caused when a person from the outside of the relationship tries to put their point of view into the conflicts and tries to tell someone what they would do if they was to be put in that predicament. Knowing how to put a stop to people trying to butt-in into your relationship could help you go a long way. Another major concern in a relationship is sexual issues, simply because if the person loose sexual interest it could lead to infidelity. Infidelity, infrequency and the quality of the physical intimacy are all factors to be considered. Sexual compatibility also requires discussion, which if absent in a relationship can lead to conflicts (David Centeno, 2011). To be in a stable and healthy relationship both parties need to become one and learn on how to deal with each issue as a partner. Learning how to manage and resolve conflicts is a number one thing to do in a relationship, communication is a positive aspect for a healthy relationship. Being able to understand one another point of view, emotions and feelings is a way to learn how to manage and resolve conflicts. Dealing with conflicts does not need to be feared, interpersonal conflict is a natural component of human interactions. Dealing with issues as they occur, acknowledging the other party's feelings and perspective, and avoiding judgment or blame further increase the chance of productive conflict resolution (Lifetips moving up in life, 2000). The presence of conflict does not indicate that a relationship is unhealthy or in trouble, although how partners manage conflict does influence relational health (Wilmont & Hocker, 2006) (Interpersonal Communication Everyday Encounters). Engaging in conflicts indicates that people are involved with each other. If they were not it would be no need to resolve the differences. That is a good point to keep in mind when conflicts arise, because it reminds us that a strong connection underlies even...
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