Crow Lake

Topics: Bangladesh, Bengal, Family Pages: 4 (1404 words) Published: May 15, 2013
History of my family and our experiences in Canada

Rafida Sayed.

History 30
Period: 1

I was born in Bangladesh. As a Bengali citizen, I know very little about my country. According to my father and my grandfather, I now know a lot about my homeland, Bangladesh. Bangladesh is in southern Asia, bordering the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and India. We have mid winter, hot, humid, and warm rainy monsoon. Bangladesh is composed of 98% Muslims and others are Non- Bengali Muslims and tribal groups.ⁱ Bangladesh is a Hierarchical society. People are respected for their age (referred to elders) and for High status. Planning and decisions are always done by the male rather than Women.ⁱ My first generation was at the time of my great, great grandfather. It was around at the 1600’s. At that time we had one country and that was Bharat; in other word it was India (It were mixture of Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Marimba). My great , great grandfathers , “ Kamor Uddin Molla”, and “ Noor Miha Molla” were Bharati at that time.² British ruled in India from 1600-1947. They conquered our land, mainly because of two reasons. First Portugal was losing control of the East Indian Spice Trade; British got an opportunity to share the trade and they send many ships to India. However, Dutch had also controlled the spice trade, later they rebuffed any British efforts to take part in it. British then gained the right to set up trading posts along the coast of India.³ British took over the land and were controlling the whole Bharat (India) nation. They gave less money to the people. It was a torturing period of time. Noor Miha Molla had a lot of children. One of them “Omar Ali Molla” died during the Second World War. Poverty was a great disaster at that time. People survived in a very hard way. According to some people, British ruled for hundred years in our country. After that they left us and separated every country based on similar religion. Pakistan was combined...
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