Geo Political Potential of Bangladesh in Context of South Asia

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South Asia
In the world has many region , we discuss such kind of region geo-strategically ,geo-politically and geo-economically which is very important for its Geographical location, two economic giant ( member country India and neighbor country China),Energy based Natural resources,huge men power, two nuclear countries(India and Pakistan) etc* this region is South Asia *.South Asia is Surrounded by Middle east, Easternasia ,Centralasia Southeasternasia,Indian Ocean and the Himalayas ,is composed 8 countries (Bangladesh , India, Nepal , Bhutan , Pakistan, Sri Lanka , Maldives and Afghanistan) . Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small and naturally beautiful Country .It is surrounded by India , Myanmar and the Bay of Bengal , for this reason it is called bridge between South Asia and East Asia as a result its position so much attractive among South Asia and rest of the world. Potentials and Limitations of South Asia

Potentials : (1) Trade (2)Democratization (3) Connectivity (4) Culture (5)Tourism(6)Agro-based product (7)Unlocking Balancing(boarder) (8) Glorious history Limitation (1)Conflicting border (2)Water crisis (3) Energy crisis (4) Environment problem (5)Trade issue (6) Insurgency (5) Terrorism (6) Trafficking (7) Extremism (8) Fundamentalism Potentials and Limitations of Bangladesh

Potentials : (1)Connectivity with seven sisters of India , Nepal , Bhutan ,China (2)Chittagong and Mongla sea port (3) Asian Highway (4)Jute (5)Frozen food (6) Vegetables (7)Shrims (8) Hilsha (9) Geographical position (10) Maritime boarder (11) Coal (12)Carbon trade(13)Tourism (14)Diversified culture(15) Medicine Limitation : (1)Locked boarder (Small size) (3) Have no connectivity (4)Terrorism (Climate change) (5)Conflicting boarder (6) Over population (7) Natural disaster (8) Shortage food (9) Water crisis (10) Energy crisis (11)Rohinga (12)Lack of technical shortage

Now we discuss geo politics ,geo strategy and geo economics of Bangladesh in a context of South Asia Geo politics
Geo politics discuss about Land . It is a matter of foreign policy .Geo politically Bangladesh is in a very advantageous position . (1) Transit though ports (Chittagong and Mongla port)
Transit means the action of passing through from one place or point to anothers. Transit is very sensitive issues because some people think transit bring security threat for Bangladesh.This transit issues create debate internal politics of Bangladesh .People are divided by their own opinion such (1) Global liberal regionalist (2) realist protectionist (3) rational choice group (4) Conservative.Among these group some are on behalf of this issue and some are opposed this issue . I think transit is potential political matter for Bangladesh ,for some reason : Bangladesh lies astride the Indian mainland and the North Eastern Region(NER) comprising the states of Assam , Mizoram ,Nagaland ,Manipur ,Arunachal ,Meghalaya and Tripura collectively known as the seven sisters.The Northeast refers to the wedge of land between Bhutan , China ,Myanmar and Bangladesh.It is almost completely cut off from the rest of India,joined only by a narrow corridor .For this reason India face many problem by NER.NER is now very undeveloped , Create security problem for India, Insurgency problem, threat to geographical integrity .India so much need Bangladesh transit for solve above problems .Examples : Calcutta port to Tripura 1700 km but Chittagong to Tripura 70 km .If India used Chittagong port ,they easily go to NER can solve these problem by ensure development.NER problem so acute for India ,At same time boarder problem , water problem acute in Bangladesh whose are create for India .In a situation Bangladesh discuss with India and give transit after solving boarder and water issues

India want to Bangladesh transit for using Bangladesh river road,railway road,street two port . Similarly, Nepal and Bhutan have been asking for their...
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