India Cultural Identity Challenges

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Reservation in India – A brief history -
In Indian society because of caste system, India has also followed one type of racism and because of this when Indian constitution was drafted the makers of Indian constitution introduced reservation for certain caste and people , Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes

If we will check the records in the year 1858 also British People knew how to divide and rule India, and with this policy very intelligently they kept dividing India on name of Religion and Caste and sub caste.

But the tragedy of Mother India is that, when British People left they handed over the India to such people who changed nothing what was started by British and Indian leaders and politicians kept ruling India with the same rules and principals of British people. British people gave us few good things and few bad things.

Those were bad things like quota system ,division on the basis of caste and religion , British people introduced that to safeguard their rule on India, but our Indian rulers also adopted same policy and ideas to create their own family rule forever in India . Before Independence as well as after Independence also the sad story is that we never got any opposition party who wanted to change this. And Introduce reservation in everything in India on the basis of collective salary of family.

All political parties know that divide and rule policy based on castes and religion will make them rich, will always help them hide their corruption and bad deeds and they are following it religiously

Today now in India this has become permanent method to give reservation on the basis of caste and religion to get more votes and no one has authority and powers to stop this.
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